onsdag 13. desember 2017

Professions & Professionalism is available—Vol 7, No 3-2017

A new issue of Professions and Professionalism is published (Vol 7, No 3-2017)

Table of Content Vol 7, No 3 (2017)

Barbara Sena: Professionalization without Autonomy: The Italian Case of Building the Nursing Profession

Joakim Krantz & Lena Fritzén: From Expert to Novice? The Influence of Management by Documents on Teachers' Knowledge Base and Norms

Bjørg Christiansen, Inger Taasen, Nora Hagstrøm, Kjellaug Kildal Hansen & Dorte Lybye Norenberg: Collaborative Learning at the Boundaries: Hallmarks within a Rehabilitation Context

Chris Rønningstad: A Tale of Two Autonomies

John I'Anson & Sandra Eady: Partnership as Educational Policy Imperative: An Unquestioned Good?

Olli Rissanen, Petteri Pitkänen, Antti Juvonen, Pekka Räihä, Gustav Kuhn & Kai Hakkarainen: How Has the Emergence of Digital Culture Affected Professional Magic?

You can download all articles free of charge on the journal website