tirsdag 19. november 2019

Day Zero Conference of the SDG Conference 2020

The Day Zero Programme, SDG Conference Bergen 5th February, is ready!

Breakfast meeting 08:00 - 09:30

The social (human) sciences and the SDGs in the Anthropocene
No attending

Morning 10:00 - 12:00

Energy Infrastructure Transitions and Environmental Governance
Circular and sustainable manufacturing, and sustainable digital building processes at NTNU in Gjøvik
Den maritime revolusjonen - frå fossilt til fornybart på eit tiår
A teacher education for sustainable development
Education for sustainability in times of rising polarisation: collaboration, citizenship and responsibility
A radical shift in formative thinking: In the Presence of Phantoms
Will trans-national corporations take responsibility for fulfilling the SDGs?
What happened since last time we talked About Tomorrow?

Afternoon 13:00 - 14:30

Energy efficiency – the hidden key to a sustainable future?
Life cycle assessment of renewable energy production
Sustainable universities and the global research agenda
BISO Impact - Game Changers
Undervisning om bærekraft eller bærekraftig undervisning i Vestland? Hva gir størst effekt for 2030?
Avkolonisering av høyere utdanning: Veien mot et akademia for 2030?
Challenges for use of Indigenous knowledge for a future sustainable reindeer husbandry?
The importance of small fish and small-scale fisheries are neglected, misrepresented and undervalued
«Responsibility Roulette» spill

Afternoon 15:00 - 16:30

Professional responsibility - How do the SDGs challenge professional knowledge?
Storage of CO2 in the subsurface: status, challenges and opportunities
Our common future ocean in a changing climate
Using SDGs to focus teaching and learning – together we can!
Sustainability research in Norway - what strategy to follow?
Promoting Quality at Science-Advice-SDG interfaces: Case studies of science for sustainability
North-South Cooperation: Challenges for partnerships
Kunnskap, samarbeid og tillit for bærekraft. Hvordan rigge utdanningssystem og arbeidsliv for å nå målene?
UNESCO Biosphere areas as arenas for implementing Agenda 2030

Evening events

Reception at Kvarteret with drinks and a light meal, and a special performance of the metal science opera Fish to Mars.

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