søndag 1. desember 2019

Call for Papers: WorksDoing, Showing and Saying— Knowing our ways about in the world

Call for papers

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies and the Theory of Science Forum, NTNU The Norwegian University of Science and Technology,
organizes a workshop in Trondheim, June 10-11, 2020:

Doing, Showing and Saying

Knowing our ways about in the world

Confirmed speakers: Alva Noë (University of California, Berkeley), Bengt Molander (NTNU), Lars Hertzberg (Åbo Akademi University) and Zhenhua Yu (East China Normal University, Shanghai).

Performers, craftsmen, engineers, teachers and other practitioners all build worlds, at least in the sense of rebuilding, re-framing and re-forming the world we live in. They extend the world, and sometimes help to destroy it. In building and rebuilding the world they also create new (kinds of) experiences and new ways of exploring the world, including ourselves. Knowledge is here a matter of doing, showing and, sometimes, saying.

This workshop will explore human knowledge and experience from the perspective of human practices, including perceptual practices. This includes practical knowledge and practical wisdom, tacit knowledge and, quite generally, knowing how within a context of what is worth doing.

In the workshop we will discuss various practices as ways of knowing and learning about the world. Presentations may focus on specific practices, or more general questions concern- ing the epistemology and ethics of practices. There will be a section on musical experiences and practices. We hope to explore phenomenological, pragmatist and enactivist perspectives on human practices, as well as that of Wittgenstein (who we believe can count as both a phenomenologist and a pragmatist!).

The workshop will be (loosely) organized around the following themes:
  •     Knowledge and experience in musical practices
  •     Phenomenological perspectives on knowledge in practices
  •     Experience as acting and interacting – pragmatist perspectives
  •     Knowing what is good for human beings
  •     “... denk nicht, sondern schau!” (“... don’t think, but look!”)
    There will be about six slots for submitted papers. We especially welcome presentations that reflect on the works of Bengt Molander and Alva Noë. If you would like to give a presentation (30 min. presentation, 10 min. discussion), please send a one-page abstract to Thomas Netland – thomas.netland(a)ntnu(dot)no –  by December 15, 2019. Include your name, affiliation, and position. The workshop will open for registration in February 2020, when the programme is settled.

    One intended result of the workshop is an anthology which we hope will function as a radical complement or even antidote to the standard epistemological discussions that are still very much dominated by knowing that vs. knowing how, with the latter being rather narrowly understood.
    Some practical matters

    All who have their papers accepted will be invited to lunches and coffee during the conference as well as to the conference dinner on June 10, but they must fund their own expenses for travel and hotel stays (we will give hotel recommendations).

    The workshop will run from 9.30 to about 17.30 on June 10 and from 9.30 to about 16.30 on June 11.
    The organizing committee for the workshop consists of Bengt Molander, Mattias Solli and Thomas Netland.