onsdag 29. januar 2020

One day conference: Leading Higher Education As and For Public Good - How can teaching and learning contribute to a sustainable future?

The five year research project, Formation and Competence Building of University Academic Developers (2015-2020), funded by the Research Council of Norway is celebrating its conclusion.
University of Oslo, May 7, 2020 8:30 AM5:00 PM, Georg Sverdrups hus.

From the Conference Website:
"We invite you to an one day conference and launch of the project book ‘Leading Higher Education As and For Public Good—Rekindling Education as Praxis’.
Professor emeritus Ronald Barnett, University College London has authored the foreword and will give a keynote on ‘Academic development and public leadership: a tale of three cities’.
Professor Peter Felten, Elon University, starts the day with a keynote entitled: ‘Relationship-rich education, generous thinking, and the public good’. 
Participants are invited to take part in workshops discussing practices related to the opportunities  and challenges of enhancing teaching and learning as and for public good.
Professor Inga Bostad will also chair a panel debate on how higher education can contribute to sustainable societies."